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"The lab where I was tested was friendly and efficient. You all got the results to me less than 24 hours after my blood was drawn. Well done, excellent service. In a world where one often feels ripped off and taken advantage of, it is very refreshing to do business with people who provide such excellent value in return for the time and money I invested."

"I know that early detection (of prostate cancer) through your lab test Center is responsible for my husband's early treatment. Now he is alive and well today because of you."

"It was your lab testing center that brought the condition to my attention. I'll continue to be a patient of yours because of your ability to provide personal, low cost, and fast service for my medical needs."

"Shortly after my test, your staff phoned me to let me know that my cholesterol level was higher than normal. Thanks to that information I went to my doctor with the results and as a result, he modified my diet. Today I am happy to report that my cholesterol level is normal and I can monitor it inexpensively with your blood tests."


About us

Hitech Laboratory is a fully automated and computerized pathology laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment available today.

Core Values

Hitech Laboratory is committed to deliver excellent diagnostic services customized to meet the diverse needs of every Patients. It is the perfect diagnostic lab for all people, hospitals & companies all over the World. Hitech Laboratory is constantly expanding and upgrading its capabilities to retain its edge in the field of diagnostic medicine...

Why us ?

Hitech Laboratory is a world-class medical diagnostic laboratory engaged primarily in specialized Allergy and Pathology testing. In line with the latest advances in scientific / technological innovations, our laboratory will continuously update its knowledge base that will help patients to receive the best medical care and solution at the earliest...

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Hi Tech Laboratory Centre provides Complete Health Checkup and these checkups can help us to identify high risk problems such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, hyper tension and so on. All this helps to determine the onset of any disease in the early stages.


Tests that provide information about the components of blood including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets

A blood test that measures your blood sugar levels.

Blood tests that provide information about the amount of cholesterol levels in your blood.

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