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About Us

Hitech Laboratory is a fully automated and computerized pathology laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment available today. We provide diagnosis and prognosis testing services to physicians, nursing homes, companies, various diagnostic centers, insurance companies and walk in patients. Every aspect of our investigation is performed under an umbrella of strict quality control using the most advanced accurate and reliable equipment.

Hitech Laboratory prides itself in being at the forefront of modern medical pathology laboratory practice. Hitech Laboratory illustrates its commitment to provide cutting edge solutions. Hitech Laboratory has always stayed a tuned development in laboratory, medicine and technology, investigation, innovation and quality. Hitech Laboratory is constantly expanding and upgrading its capabilities to retain its edge in the field of diagnostic medicine.

Hitech Laboratory is committed to deliver excellent diagnostic services customized to meet the diverse needs of every Patients. It is the perfect diagnostic lab for all people, hospitals & companies all over the World..

Our Aim

The primary aim of all our lab is to provide prompt, reliable and efficient services to the patients.

Our Vision

To become leading pathology laboratory for Testing and Diagnostic services.

Our Mission

To provide the most effective services to our customers with utmost care for humanity.


The laboratory offers prompt service by performing tests on state-of-the-art equipment. Our laboratory provides reliable lab data / reports through effective internal and external quality control systems, which keep random and systemic errors under control. The laboratory aims to maintain the shortest turn-around time possible to deliver reports to our patients. At Hitech Laboratory, we pride ourselves for our strong value system that has enabled us to provide quality services to our customers, year after year.

Latest Computerized Fully Automated International Equipments for accurate results.
High quality reagents.
QWell qualified and dedicated professionals.
Constant upgradation, introduction of new tests and methods.
Quality care at an affordable cost.
Brisk , efficient service without tiresome waiting.
Home collection of samples.
Convenience of soft copy reports.
Accurate Results.
Utmost care for patients.
Why us ?

Hitech Laboratory is a world-class medical diagnostic laboratory engaged primarily in specialized Allergy and Pathology testing. Using intensive technology, Hitech Laboratory offers a wide-ranging test menu. We establish a constant report with the referring clinicians to interpret the results / reports of their patients. Once the tests are completed and checked for accuracy, a report is sent to the patient's doctor. In line with the latest advances in scientific / technological innovations, our laboratory will continuously update its knowledge base and shall continuously engage in developing newer techniques that will help patients to receive the best medical care and at the earliest.

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